I know I’m like a billion years late on this. But can someone tell me why Lori Lindsey hasn’t been involved with the USWNT since like the Olympics? I could be wrong here but I don’t even think she has been called up to a camp since then. And I also don’t think anyone has actually mentioned it before but I could be wrong.

By the way, this is not like angry post demanding she be called in or anything like that, I’ve just been wondering about this for a long time.

left foot players

does anybody know if Alex Morgan is the only player on the uswnt that is left footed? and if shes not the only player who else prefers their left foot?

ko/new women’s league

does anybody know if Kelley will be playing in the new women’s league, and if she does do u know if she will stay as a defender or go back to forward?

why are mexican soccer fans always sore losers, first they throw shit at the US fans at the game just cause their team can’t seem to score, and now their saying that the US got lucky, or that the win doesn’t matter because it was just a friendly.

I’m pretty sure if mexico had won all the mexican fans would be saying shit like “Told you mexico is better” or “haha you still can’t win in the Azteca” or something along those lines

and there always so disrespectful when the US national anthem comes on.

p.s. I’m not talking about all mexicans just those select assholes that do this kind of shit